Health Internetwork Speaks Out About The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Most people dread to hear the word Herpes from their doctor’s mouth. That is one disease they do not want to be diagnosed with ever. Herpes is a very painful and highly contagious disease which happens to approximately 60-90% of adult’s world over. It is not very uncommon and people infected by it may have to live their lives with it all throughout. There is no cure known to mankind.

It starts as a few specs or blisters on the surface of the skin and people do not pay much heed to that. The second stage is the one which brings the pain with it and causes wet ulcers in and around the infected area. Then the virus gets deeper into the skin and penetrates further.



The virus and infection may affect the mouth, back, genitals, etc. It literally has no boundaries. During this time patients have to maintain a safe distance from others and have to give up sexual contact too. The fear of transferring the disease is very high.


Health Internetwork Certifies The Ultimate Herpes Protocol As The Best Guide

Living with Herpes is not easy but it can be made so with the help of the book mentioned above. The book encourages zero medication and makes people take the natural way to recovery. The simple steps and tasks are mentioned to slowly move into a better and healthier lifestyle. This strengthens the immune system of the body and protects people better.


All the methods of recovery mentioned in the book and Health Internetwork are tried and tested by experts and will never spike the infection. The program also assists people on the nutrients they should take and other nutritional goodies. Overall it tells the reader how a simple change in lifestyle and diet can go a long way.

A Few Tips to Get Started

  • Do not keep touching the ulcers or blisters when they develop as this will spread them all over the body.
  • Stop all sexual contact as soon as the first signs are visible till they have all cleared up.
  • Wash hand frequently while paying extra attention to the space under the finger nails.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch in your undergarments to keep the infected area clean and dry.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Stop eating and drinking citrus fruits and their juices during the outbreak.

These are just a few minor tips, the book hold many more magical secrets.



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